Opportunity for Lawyers
Forensic Evidence
Forensic science developments inhibit proper case evaluation by all but forensic professionals. FERA bridges that gap by providing a contemporary forensic review facility.


Forensic Science Consultancy Services

Forensic Evidence Review Australia (FERA) bridges the gap between what counsel are told and what is credible, as well as advising on other information available to properly advise clients.

It provides a forensic science consultancy service in areas such as –

  • crime scene processing, preservation
  • trace evidence
  • fingerprints
  • document examination
  • blood pattern analysis
  • firearm identification and ballistics
  • evidence handling, packaging, and storage
  • chain of custody
  • scientific method
  • forensic science report interpretation
  • sorting forensic evidence from criminal intelligence’
  • comparing facts with scientific evidence
  • validating adopted processes and procedures
  • advice on engaging credible experts
  • lines of forensic science cross-examination