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Forensic science developments inhibit proper case evaluation by all but forensic professionals. FERA bridges that gap by providing a contemporary forensic review facility.


Professor Hadyn Green – Forensic Lecturer & Forensic Investigations Consultant

forensic investigation

Forensic science consultant, Hadyn Green APM, draws on 40 years of law enforcement, prosecuting, criminal and forensic investigation, and teaching to uniquely place himself within Australia as a consultancy for legal counsel and those within the criminal and civil justice systems.

As an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Centre for Forensic Science at UWA, Hadyn teaches the post-graduate units of Introduction to Forensic Science and Forensic Science and Policing which focus on  crime scenes, police investigations, scientific method, bias in witnesses, and forensic science.  He recently completed his two year term as President of the Western Australia Branch of the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society.  He is a member of both the Australian and American Academies of Forensic Science and has published two forensic books.

Before leaving the Western Australia Police in 2010 to explore other opportunities, Hadyn was awarded the prestigious Australian Police Medal by the Governor-General in the Australia Day Honours List. The award was made for his work in forensic science and disaster victim identification. For five years he was the head of the Forensic Division in Western Australia and the State’s Disaster Victim Identification Commander. During that time he pioneered the professionalisation of forensic science in Western Australia. This background places him well for the role of a forensic investigation consultant.