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Forensic Evidence
Forensic science developments inhibit proper case evaluation by all but forensic professionals. FERA bridges that gap by providing a contemporary forensic review facility.

The Need For Expert Forensic Evidence Review

Can you say yes to all these forensic points?

  • I have a duty to properly represent my client
  • I have identified all forensically contentious issues in my client’s case
  • I am certain that the crime scene was properly processed
  • I know that all that could have been done at the crime scene was done
  • The police reports are complete
  • The conclusions reached by police are reasonable
  • All reasonable tests on items collected at the crime scene were performed
  • I know that if other tests had been performed then different results may have been obtained
  • The items not sent for forensic analysis or examination would not affect the outcome of the case
  • The testing regimes applied to articles were correct according to scientific method
  • I fully understand what the forensic reports are saying
  • The interpretations and conclusions applicable to analytical results are valid
  • Cross-contamination and corruption of evidence do not feature in this matter
  • The chain of custody has not been broken

If you answered no or maybe to any of the above, Forensic Evidence Review (Australia) (‘FERA’), experts in forensics, can assist you in giving your client the best advice possible.

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